Beware Procuring Cause

Procuring Cause: The Little “Secret” That Can Cost Homebuyers Thousands of $$$ and Destroy Your Ability to Chose Your Own Agent

No one likes to have unwelcome surprises pulled on them. No one likes to be trapped. Especially when that trapping can cost your money and choices.

Yet, to the unsuspecting home buyer, while innocently searching for homes, there is an unknown trap out there for Home Buyers known as “procuring cause”.  In short, as far as the real estate business goes, it suggests that the real estate agent who FIRST caused you to initially like a home (primarily by “showing” it to you) is the one who is ultimately entitled to what is known as the “commission split”. The commission split is money that is built into the ultimate purchase price of an MLS listed home, and is intended to go to the agency which “procured” or “caused” the ultimate buyer to purchase the home.

Why does this matter to you, the home buyer ? It potentially eliminates your ability to chose your own agent to properly represent you.

How can it do that? Because the “commission split” is the way 99% of the time how buyer agents are paid in this business.  So, if you have “seen” or otherwise been introduced to a home with an “agent” prior to hiring your buyer agent, YOUR buyer agent may not be able to expect to be paid out of that commission split.

Please read this link.  It is written by Past NAEBA President, Tom Wemett.  Entitled ” One Date, You’re Married”, it presents a vivid explanation, in real life terms, the ramifications of procuring cause to the buyer of a home.

“One date You Are Married”, by Tom Wemett


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